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Plastic Storage Box With Lid 145 LTR

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Plastic Storage Box With Lid 145 LTR. Plastic Storage Box With Lid 145 LTR This plastic storage box with a lid has a capacity of 145 liters. Designed for organizational purposes, it provides ample space for storing various items. The durable plastic material ensures long-lasting use, while the secure lid helps protect the contents from dust and moisture. With its generous size, this storage box is suitable for both residential and commercial use. Simplify your storage needs with this versatile and reliable plastic storage box. Plastic Storage Box With Lid 145 LTR Our Plastic Storage Box With Lid, boasting a generous capacity of 145 liters, provides a practical and efficient solution for all your storage needs. Crafted from high-quality plastic, this durable container offers excellent strength and resilience. The secure lid ensures the contents remain protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. Designed with functionality in mind, this storage box is ideal for organizing household items, office supplies, or any other belongings. With its sleek and practical design, this Plastic Storage Box With Lid 145 LTR is a reliable choice for efficient and organized storage.



  • Efficient Organization: Maximize your space with the LUKSYOL BEONE 3-Tier Wire Storage Rack. Keep your kitchen, bathroom, and home clutter-free by utilizing this versatile shelving unit.
  • Sturdy Metal Build: Crafted from durable metal, this storage rack guarantees long-lasting functionality. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the weight of various items, from kitchen essentials to bathroom supplies.
  • Multi-Purpose Marvel: This rack isn’t limited to just one area. Use it to tidy up your kitchen, neatly organize bathroom essentials, or even enhance the organization of your home office.
  • Smart Space Utilization: Make the most of your vertical space. The 3-tier design enables you to store more while keeping everything easily accessible. No more wasting valuable room on clutter!
  • Easy Assembly: No hassle here. Setting up the storage rack is a breeze and requires no tools. Get your organization game on point without the headache of complex assembly.

OverviewExperience the ultimate in space optimization with the LUKSYOL BEONE 3-Tier Wire Storage Rack. Crafted from robust metal, this versatile shelving unit ensures enduring functionality. Unleash its potential in various areas – from decluttering your kitchen to organizing bathroom essentials. Its ingenious 3-tier design capitalizes on vertical space, offering a practical storage solution without compromising accessibility. No tools required – assembling this rack is a breeze. Its adaptability shines through as it seamlessly transforms into a kitchen shelf, bathroom organizer, or utility rack. The chic black finish blends effortlessly with any décor. Equipped with wheels, this rack grants easy mobility, making rearranging a hassle-free task. For those needing extra storage, its stackable feature comes to the rescue. Trust in BEONE’s reliability and elevate your organization game with this versatile wire storage rack – a blend of durability, style, and functionality. Optimize Space with Stylish Metal Shelving, Ideal for Kitchen, Bathroom & Home Organization

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